The Trivedi Effect® has baffled the world of science by showing results that do not conform to previous scientific thought or logic. The energy is a natural phenomenon and as such it has its own underlying transformative effects. The results of the experiments conducted by Trivedi Science have been scientifically assessed, verified, and authenticated by leading scientists from respectable international universities and research institutes throughout the world.

The Trivedi Effect® has enthralled the scientific community as it has demonstrated remarkable transformative properties in many different fields, including agriculture, animal husbandry, genetics, cancer, microbiology, human wellness, and materials science.


When Mr. Trivedi’s thought transmission process was applied to the field of agriculture, the results were surprising. The Trivedi Effect® has provided a method which seems to solve all problems faced in agriculture today through organically improving agricultural crops/produce beyond any level of expectation. It has significantly enhanced the health, yields, nutritional value and shelf life of agricultural products, without applying any harmful chemicals, pesticides, fungicides, fertilizers, insecticides, or using genetic modified varieties of plant. The results were amazing, enabling the crops to germinate and grow flawlessly, without any sign of diseases or pest damage.


People across the world are fighting with the depressing problem of cancer which has devastating effects on human physiology and psychology for both the person diagnosed with the condition as well as their family members. Treatments for cancer involve long complicated procedures that can involve surgery, radiation and chemotherapy which have severe side effects that are difficult to manage. Often cancer can be terminal and doctors do not fully understand the causes of the disease or how to prevent it from occurring. The Trivedi Effect® has shown exciting results by destroying cancerous cells whilst at the same time promoting the vitality of surrounding healthy cells. In other studies, the treated cancer cells were transformed into non-cancerous cells, completely reversing the process of mutation. The concrete results support the concept that the energy transmitted by Mahendra Trivedi, contains intelligence, capable of identifying the needs of individual cells and giving the organism exactly what it needs to promote good health.


The Trivedi Effect® has exhibited tremendous abilities by transforming genetic codes. Great improvements have been observed in cells and tissues overtime. The phenomenon has successfully modified the underlying genetic code, showing drastic improvement and results overtime.

Material Science

The Trivedi Effect® has proved its immense capability by doing with one man’s intent, what humankind has failed to do; reprogramming the atom. The Trivedi Effect® was able to transform the mass, size, energy within and energy between the atoms. Research leads to fabulous results: Mr. Trivedi was able to convert matter into energy and energy into matter at will.


Even in the most critical field of microbiology, The Trivedi Effect® has exhibited phenomenal results on drug-resistant bacteria and viruses. After treatment with the energy, bacteria and viruses began to respond to the use of drugs and antibiotics, which is remarkable. Mr. Mahendra Trivedi has designed projects to observe the impact of his Energy Transmissions on pathogenic bacteria and viruses. Many experiments have been carried out on different species of bacteria in controlled laboratory facilities and dramatic improvements have been observed.

Human Wellness

People who have experienced The Trivedi Effect® have reported great relief from chronic pain, psychosomatic and neurological disorders, debilitating arthritis, severe food sensitivities, fatigue, chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression, sleeplessness, sadness, hopelessness, and fear from the future. They have improved their sleep conditions, sex drive, sexual performance, self-confidence, and established inner tranquility.

People have stated that they are now enjoying their lives and have improved mental and emotional balance. People are reporting that following Energy Transmissions they can gain clearer vision and that now they are able to identify their life purpose. Through this they start to find happiness in their lives and experience a deeper connection with the God of their understanding. The Trivedi Effect® has incredible benefits for an individual’s overall well being.