Mahendra Trivedi

Mahendra Trivedi – Master of Transformation

Mahendra Trivedi

Mahendra Trivedi known as the Master of Transformation, has the ability to transform the world by transmitting an unknown energy across the globe through the power of his thoughts. The results of this are commonly referred to as The Trivedi Effect®. The Trivedi Effect®is responsible for optimizing potential of both living organisms and non-living materials to serve a higher purpose.


Mr. Trivedi displayed unusually high cognitive abilities as well as high levels of perception and intelligence in his early childhood stages. One night, in 1995, he received “guidance” that these natural gifts were now to be used for the well being of humanity. Since then, he embarked on a mission to develop a new scientific paradigm that amalgamates science with consciousness. Mahendra Trivedi hopes to find the ultimate solutions to the world’s most critical problems. He has been inspiring people to experience energy transformation and well being so that they can harness the power of this energy and achieve inner peace and happiness.

Mr. Trivedi moved to the U.S. in 2009, and founded the non-profit organization Trivedi Foundation™ and then the for-profit organization Trivedi Master Wellness™ in 2011. The objective of these organizations is to propel human wellness across the world through authenticating and promoting the power of this energy.


Mahendra Trivedi’s aim is to establish lasting happiness and well being in society. He would like people to be happy,healthy and safe in their lives. Mahendra Trivedi wants people to experience the instantaneous benefits from this energy and to increasingly experience greater levels of transformation through his Energy Transmissions. These energies can transform every vital element of life from health, finances, and relationships to spiritual growth and satisfaction in life. The Trivedi Effect® has the power to empower people and optimize their potential.

Authentication from Scientific Sources

The scientific community worldwide has witnessed the surprising effects and applications of Mahendra Trivedi’s Energy Transmissions. The Trivedi Effect® can transform the capabilities of almost everything present on this planet. Scientific studies have tested the results and showed that the effects are beneficial for the humankind. Studies have shown that the effects of this energy are unparalleled and are non-invasive in nature.