Gopal Nayak

Gopal Nayak – Trivedi Master™

Gopal Nayak, grew up in rural India in a condition of poverty. Since his childhood, he always dreamt about a man who will lead him to his future and his destiny. At the age of nine, the man of his visions, Mahendra Trivedi, came into his life, who trained him as future Trivedi Master™. Gopal underwent a rigorous training under the guidance of Mahendra Trivedi for six years when he learned about raising the level of consciousness and skill of harnessing the power of Universal Intelligence. When he was only 15 years of age, Gopal was announced the Trivedi master, the first one of the group, and since then, he is benefiting the world with the power of his life transforming Blessings. He has been helping people to strengthen their connection to their inner guidance system and thus enhance their potential to perform in all walks of their lives. Gopal Nayak has always been a subject of curiosity among scientists and researchers because of his immensely amazing abilities. His indisputable capability to harness The Trivedi Effect® has been measured, validated, and documented at the Scientific Research Centre of the Kelkar Education Trust in Mumbai, India. The researchers rigorously tested Gopal Nayak’s ability to alter nonhuman life forms, which cannot be directly influenced by psychological or the placebo effect. They have reached to a conclusion that Gopal’s ability to bring about positive transformations in non-human life forms is exceptionally extraordinary. Mahendra Trivedi says of Trivedi Master – Gopal Nayak, who has accomplished so much at such a young age:

“For someone to bless humans around the globe from one corner to the other, Gopal is equally as powerful as me. Sometimes I even feel that his consciousness is higher than my own.”

Currently, Gopal Nayak lives in Madhya Pradesh, India, with his family and is benefiting the people there with his Blessings and creating happiness and contentment in their lives. You can also get the Blessings from Gopal Nayak through his remote Blessing programs.