Alice Branton

Alice Branton -Trivedi Master™

Alice Branton, The CEO and co-founder of Trivedi Global Inc. had never thought that one day she’ll be the choice of the Divine to be a Trivedi Master™. It was her hard work, sincerity and exceptional skills that has led her achieve so much in her life.

Alice Branton was born in Texas, in the United States of America where she grew up in a Christian family and followed Jesus. She had the ambitions which most of the youth of her age had. She wanted to bag big achievements in her life. She is an MBA with a Master’s degree in Finance and Marketing. With her unique set of skills, she quickly got a job in a multinational company and within a short span of time attained a top leading position.

The success in her career, the bank balance and the admiration that she had achieved, were not able to provide an inner fulfillment to Alice Branton. She left her job when she was at the peak of her career to explore the field of spirituality.

Alice met Mahendra Trivedi when she was taking care of her mother with terminal illness. She recognized the potential of the power of Blessings that Mahendra Trivedi provides to living beings and non-living objects. She realized that his Blessings can bring amazing transformations in the world to make it a more comfortable and peaceful place to live in.

While working with dedication as the CEO of Trivedi Global Inc. and assisting Mahendra Trivedi in his every venture, one day she got the greatest gift of her life. On November 9th, 2013, she was announced as the third Trivedi Master™. Since then, she is tirelessly working for helping people in their various problems of their lives.

Alice Branton feels a great affinity for women and children and desires to work for their development and empowerment. As a true American she feels pride to be a citizen of the United States of America and wants to see it as the spiritual centre of the world.

You can experience the remarkable effects of her Energy Transmissions by participating in one of her Master Wellness Programs.